Last February 24, 2017 (Friday), my group and I went to a certain orphanage to appeal for a ‘Needs Assessment Survey’ as a requirement in our NSTP subject. I did not expect that the conversation with the Program Manager of the orphanage (that consists of the orphaned, abandoned, neglected, foundling, and surrendered children) would leave me such an impact.

The talk I had with her (the Program Manager), opened my eyes to the fact that there are children suffering from psychological illness due to the abuses their parents did to them. She did not allow us to interview the kids because she was afraid that our several actions and/or questions would trigger some of the memories from their painful experiences on the hands of their own parents. When their memories triggered, the children will throw tantrums, hurt their siblings or anyone at the orphanage, which they cannot control and they will have to rush them to a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

I am upset at the thought of: how could their parents leave them. It really hurts to think that there really are people who could attain to leave their baby, their toddler, their child!  And it hurts me more to know that they even battered theim to the point they are traumatized and has to undergo a continuous psychological therapy. It is hard to imagine that they can take beating-up humans with such a small body frame! The children cannot even defend nor protect theirselves!  They (parents) did not just abuse their kids physically… but also emotionally. Their harsh treatments etched on their children’s minds, just like how their scars carved on their bodies – and each scar contains the different stories of their dark pasts that leave open wounds in their hearts.

I admit I really pitied them (that they have to experience those), and I was horrified by their parents’ actions. I was just truthfully glad that there are people who are reaching out and helping others even though they are not even blood related. While talking with the program manager, I saw with my own pair of eyes, and felt it in my heart how she care and love all the children in the orphanage while she was telling and explaining me their circumstances. And with my own pair of ears, I heard how she sweetly called them ‘anak’. It made me happy how the people in the orphanage want to help the children in mending their wounded heart. I know that one day, with the help of the people who love them unconditionally, all the bitter memories those children have will be covered by the sweet memories.

I wish that someday, no matter what happened, no matter what life brings to them, they will continue on living their life with full of love, positivity, and happiness. 🙂


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