In this world where I exist for more than 18 years, I’ve encountered and experienced a lot of hardships, pains, problems, stress, depression, never ending struggles and so on and so forth. I’m not the type to stare at my reflection through the mirror and at the same time talk to myself and reflect on the things I’ve done. But that was until, I tried intrapersonal communication, where I probably first ever experienced a major self-reflecting and giving of words of encouragement to myself. I never knew that it would feel that nice. I first did it at my ‘Communication Theory’ subject as our professor asked us to close our eyes, relaxed ourselves, and visualize and reflect on what she was saying.

Now, allow me to share (pieces) of my life story, so I could further express how I felt after my intrapersonal communication experience; and how intrapersonal communication is significant in our life.

When my I closed my eyes, and envision my seven-year-old self talking to the current me, I knew that she would ask me such things as: Why did you break your parents’ rules? Why did you always have to lie? You were making them looked like a fool. Why did you go overboard? Why do you low-key disrespect them? What happened to you?

I know that my seven-year-old self would be sad of what I had become. I used to always obey and be honest to my family until I got a little older. The respect is still there, but I tend to learn to lie to them and broke their rules.

Moving on, with my 10-year-old self, I know that she would tell me these, with a hint of disappointment in her voice, “Why did you become a lot lazier. You used to prioritize important things such as school works before you slack, right? But why do you waste your time for the unimportant things and tend to sleep over the important ones? Now you are stressing yourself by over thinking of what might be the product of your laziness! You are making yourself even unhealthier.”

Now, when it comes to my 13-year-old self, I could imagine her low-key nagging me for all my failures and mistakes. Saying that I know what the consequences of my wrong doings but I still did it anyway. She would also be unhappy with my ‘Enjoy now, suffer and regret later’ attitude. In spite of those, I know that in the end, (even) if all of the younger MEs look at the mirror, I know that all of them would give me a warm and encouraging smile to my current self. I know that despite of all the unhappiness and disappointments, they will still congratulate me for being strong.

Now with my 18-year-old self talking – the current me, I could imagine her through the mirror – my reflection saying that… “I am proud of you. You may have done a lot of mistakes and failures, you may have cage yourself regrets, you may have thought of giving up for eons, but girl look at you! You are still alive and kicking. You survived from what you thought the biggest storm in your life, so believe me, you can still overcome the following typhoons that might come for you no matter how disastrous it’ll look like. Remember, EVERYTHING HAPPEN IS FOR A REASON. You may have done a lot of mistakes, but what’s important now is that you’ve learned from it, and those could definitely help you if you will make those as the blueprint of your life. Those failures helped you mature, so congratulations! You know what, even if you make another bunch of failures and mistakes, please be guided that you’ll always have a room for improvement and changes (for the better). One more thing, never regret, because those mistakes of yours will be your own stepping stones towards your bright future.”

After talking to myself as I strolled on my past, I can say that with my current life now… I am happy. Happy but not fully satisfied. I am not yet satisfied because I know I am not good enough – I am still not good enough for various things and I know that I still have a lot of areas (in me) that lacks and needs improvement. Nonetheless, I’m happy to realize that I was able to overcome all the hardships and that I’ve come this far. Come to think of it, I’ve been wandering for 18 years and I know wouldn’t stop my journey here – I’ll continue sailing. I know that there are still a lot of things God will offer me, and someday, I’ll my find my true self.

Another thing I am delighted and flattered about is to realized that there are still people, like my family, who still love me despite knowing all my flaws, and accept me for who I am and for what I am.

One last thing before I move on to my next paragraph, I just want to divulge that I’m thankful to God, because through Him, I could say I’m proud of myself because: in this life full of struggles, I am still standing and fighting to win all my battles.

Now, with my story and experiences being shared, it can be concluded that intrapersonal communication is significant to our life. I know all of us have been locked in our own elevator: ups and downs, and ride on our own roller coasters that makes our life go round and round and even upside-down. We tend to be clouded with the negative things that are going on with our life: piles of problems and things to do, regrets, what ifs and what nots, which could result to overthinking, stress, depression, and even to distrusting our own selves.

There are people who, like me, doesn’t really open up (nor share) to anyone, so definitely, when no one doesn’t know what you are going through, then no one would be able to help nor save you from drowning. But, I also think that even if we have someone to share our burdens with, and even if they can give us pieces of advice and comfort, taking our time to talk to ourselves is still better. We know ourselves more than anyone, and we know what we really wanted to hear. It is only us (our own self) who knows HOW WE EXACTLY FEEL. I don’t think anyone could say “I know how you feel” nor “I feel you”, because I believe no one knows for a sure how certain something really affects us and our life. No one would know because we have different tolerance and different ways of facing our own problems, stress, depression, and so on and so forth. So in my own opinion, intrapersonal communication is the key to have a better day (and night). Why? It is because when we talk to ourselves and take time to reflect on the things we’ve done, the best advices we would be able to hear would only come from ourselves; and the best answers we want to find could only be found in ourselves.

Believe me, talking to yourself feels nice and satisfying especially when you needed to clear your mind. It will help you be more concentrated, focus and positive. Whenever you feel down, take a break from what from what you are doing. Pull your mind off from the negative thoughts, then start talking to yourself and reflect. Sooner than later, you’ll feel lighter and relaxed. Talking to yourself is not bad you know! Plus, aside from it is totally free, intrapersonal communication can be done anywhere and anytime! 🙂


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