What is communication for me as a student; as subject; and as a profession?

As a student majoring in AB Communication, I do have things I anticipate to learn. I expect to be thought of the proper way of speaking and the best way of communicating; to be thought on how to get the best angle of my subject when it comes to taking photos and videos; and to be thought on how to produce a creative film and/or advertisement. I also await to learn more about the picture and video editing, as well as doing layouts.

As I expect to learn those stated above, I hope that I could actually remember all of those to help myself excel.

I am the type of person who most of the time have a low self-esteem, but I know that through my chosen field, AB Comm, I will be able to have more confidence, most especially when it comes to speaking in any situation/circumstances. In this chosen path of mine, creativity is one of the keys to survive and cope up, and so I hope that as I grow older, my adroitness and innovativeness would grow as well.

I knew my communication subject wouldn’t only help me sharpen my artistry, since it also taught me ways to somehow improve my lifestyle with the means of intrapersonal communication; and understanding how someone behave, because ‘there is always a reason behind every action’. Those are one of the things that help me focus more on the brighter side, and on my work. Someday, when I get a job, I know it will help me be more productive and put on an excellent performance.

Talking about the job, I can see myself that five years from now, I would be working in a company – whether it be business company, or such as those in the likes of PULP magazine and/or Candy Mag. I would be the one doing and providing the beautiful layout of the magazine which contains an article (or two) that was written by yours truly, and with the wonderfully taken pictures by me as well. I could also be the one doing the interviews. 10 years from now, I wish to be someone who helps in creating music and music videos not just here in Philippines, but also in other country, especially South Korea.

To be honest, I am still not so sure of what I wanted as my profession, nevertheless, I know that one day, I will be able to find myself; and the learning I’ll gain in my four-years of being an AB Comm student will be so much into use.

As a profession, what I am after is the enjoyment of the things I am doing, because I think that being more after the salary than choosing and doing the job where my enjoyment lies will give me troubles. So when I get a job, I want it to be something I would really get pleasure from doing.


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