Doxology: My First Thoughts & First Rehearsal

My classmate (and a friend), Diego, and I were tapped by our department head to do the doxology for the recognition day. That doxology will be our first ever doxology experience. Although I’m at first reluctant, I accepted it (as well as my partner), because we were both shy on resisting Ms. D’s insists. I later on realized that it’s a pleasure to be tapped for the doxology on such an event – recognition day, it shows that our department head believes in us – in our talent; in our capability.

I mentioned that I was first reluctant… yes, but then I wholly accepted doing doxology now. I realized that it’s time for me to try another genre of dance and grow more as a dancer. I’ve never tried dancing lyrical, contemporary, or interpretive, and I’m actually not a fan of those but I have no choice but to watch those kinds of dance genres on youtube to get an inspiration for the choreography I had to make for When You Believe. As a person who likes to dance, and as a person who got to appreciate dancing more as I grow older, I also start to appreciate and like the genres I mentioned.

This past few days, the more I listened to the song (to make a choreography), the more I got anxious and stress. In line, with making a chroreo, I also have deadlines (from my acads) I have to run after – I don’t know which one to do first because both are important. I also got mild flu the other day and until now I have colds and mild headaches. I can also feel my sprain (ankle) getting triggered. I feel like life is challenging me with all those circumstances… and so I got more competitive and try to stand firmer!

Thanks to be to God, I was able to meet my deadlines, and earlier this day, Diego and I were able to conduct our first rehearsal. The recognition day will be on the next Thursday and we only have Friday, and (next) Wednesday for another rehearsal. We don’t have enough time due to schedules/academics. It’s really challenging and (kinda) stressing balancing academics and dancing/ making a choreography + teaching the steps to your partner, but I find it fun as well. I think the technique is to just love and accept everything you’re doing/ask to do, and you won’t have to struggle (because you’ll enjoy it).

So, our first rehearsal is done, we haven’t finished it yet and we still have to have it polish tho we only have very little time, and we also have our school works in piles, I am still positive that everything will work out very well. And just like what the song says,

There can be miracles when you believe.


Our practice earlier was indeed tiring, but I enjoyed because of the new experience I got. I can also feel bruises forming on my knees but I don’t mind as long as it’s from something I’m happy doing.

Now… time for school works! 😅


College Intramurals 2017

My very first time to be part of the college intramurals is when Pasig Catholic College celebrated COLLEGE INTRAMURALS 2017. It was held last March 29 to April 8, 2017 with the theme “Strength in Diversity, Unity in Differences.” That was as well my very first time experiencing the kind of intramurals at PCC; and I had fun and awesome experiences throughout the event.

During the opening of the intramurals at PCC’s main building, the ground was filled with us, PCCians wearing our respective council shirts for the distinction of our programs. Each and every program had their own balloons, and others even had their banners. The amount of us, AB Communication and Journalism students are nothing compared to the number of students from the other courses, but we were the loudest during the parade. We all cheered and chanted our program’s name on the top of our lungs, and it amazes me how we are so full of pride being ABCJ students. Throughout the parade, we continued on clapping, waving our balloons in the air, jumping, and chanting “AB.”

Even during the ‘yell’ segment which came after the lightning of the torch and oath of sportsmanship, we showed how competitive we are. Each of our programs took turns on the Crown Jewel to showcase the best and creative yells we’ve got. I’ve seen other courses that comes before us almost filling up every spaces on the stage, in contrast to us, AB. Majority of us are girls – our boys were like just five (5) or less that time, but we did not use those circumstances as our excuse to have a weak yell. I don’t know what or how we did with our yell, and I don’t care anymore because what matters more is that we did our best.

Another fun experience I had during intrams was the portion of Palarong Pinoy. I took part in 3 out of 4 games because we had no other players – we had no choice but to be the same people who will participate in all of the games; and hey, we won in sack race! But the most enjoyable one for me is the Tug of War. I’ve watched the boys of other programs play, and it was so intense! They’re like monsters ready to devour their prey. The game (Tug of War) consisted of two (2) rounds for each game: boys vs boys and girls vs girls, and since ABCJ lacks in boys, they made it a mix of boys and girls for us. They did the same thing to our opponent – BSP for the fairness of the game. The result is… well, we lose both in mix of boys and girls battle, and also the girls vs girls battle, but I’m still happy with the experience, and still is so proud of ourselves. We might lost but atleast we did not fear our opponents; we gave our full force in every game and it makes me prideful of how spirited we are.

I’ve never experienced dancing with just 30 or 20 minutes of practicing until the talent portion of the candidates for Mr. & Ms. Intramurals 2017. I was in the Cor Iesu Auditorium of PCC’s Centennial building together with my classmates to support our representatives. I was so thrilled to see what the candidates’ will showcase because they seemed to put so much effort. Their astonishing props I saw glimpsed of already excite me, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to watch any of the performances. Our Mr. Intrams representative asked me to back him up on his talent – dancing, and I agreed. He’s the representative of ABCJ, therefore I must help him. But I didn’t help solely because I ‘need’ to, but because I ‘want’ to (help him). So I may not able to watch the talent portion, but I’m glad I was able to be a help to someone. I later on realized that it was a pleasure that they trusted me to back him up.

Every intramurals, they say that the most awaited segment is the dance battle. Well, how can it not be when it (dance battle) composes of more than 15 students per program? J Anyway, I can say that, that was the one I awaited the most too since I’m one of the dancer representatives of ABCJ. It’s been like two years since I last joined a dance battle (interbranch competition) and I was just a high school that time, so I looked forward to this new one – my first dance competition as a college studentl. I just sometimes can’t help but think that “I will now be dancing with new set of dancers,” especially when we all held hands and pray before going down to the grounds of PCC (from our room).

The moment we finished our performance, we all got hype and joyful because finally, after weeks of balancing practice and academics, and struggles in making our costumes and props, we were able to showcase what ABCJ got. We were also happy that we were able to perform our routine properly. ABCJ had years of hiatus but this year, we came back with a bang! We didn’t win but we accepted it. Atleast we can definitely say that our “comeback is real.” We were still proud of ourselves. We performed giving our 100% best and it’s not something to sulk about if we don’t get any place. I am also genuinely happy for those who won – BSIT (2nd runner-up), BSP (1st runner-up), and BSBA (champion).

We may not win the dance battle, nor even get to be the overall champions, atleast we still have our ball-game players who received the medals they deserve for their outstanding performance. We also have Ms. Pollyne Joyz Reyes who got to be the 1st Runner-Up Ms. Intramurals 2017. She also took home the awards Ms. Compassionate and Ms. Congeniality.

We all unleashed the greatness we have. For each and every segment of the intramurals, may it be basketball, volleyball, badminton, palarong pinoy, dance competition, pageant and such, I know that each and every representative of ABCJ did all their best for it. We did not let our opponents win that easy. We fight with all our might, and that’s what matters to me the most. No matter what happened, I still take pride of being an ABCJ student.