My classmate (and a friend), Diego, and I were tapped by our department head to do the doxology for the recognition day. That doxology will be our first ever doxology experience. Although I’m at first reluctant, I accepted it (as well as my partner), because we were both shy on resisting Ms. D’s insists. I later on realized that it’s a pleasure to be tapped for the doxology on such an event – recognition day, it shows that our department head believes in us – in our talent; in our capability.

I mentioned that I was first reluctant… yes, but then I wholly accepted doing doxology now. I realized that it’s time for me to try another genre of dance and grow more as a dancer. I’ve never tried dancing lyrical, contemporary, or interpretive, and I’m actually not a fan of those but I have no choice but to watch those kinds of dance genres on youtube to get an inspiration for the choreography I had to make for When You Believe. As a person who likes to dance, and as a person who got to appreciate dancing more as I grow older, I also start to appreciate and like the genres I mentioned.

This past few days, the more I listened to the song (to make a choreography), the more I got anxious and stress. In line, with making a chroreo, I also have deadlines (from my acads) I have to run after – I don’t know which one to do first because both are important. I also got mild flu the other day and until now I have colds and mild headaches. I can also feel my sprain (ankle) getting triggered. I feel like life is challenging me with all those circumstances… and so I got more competitive and try to stand firmer!

Thanks to be to God, I was able to meet my deadlines, and earlier this day, Diego and I were able to conduct our first rehearsal. The recognition day will be on the next Thursday and we only have Friday, and (next) Wednesday for another rehearsal. We don’t have enough time due to schedules/academics. It’s really challenging and (kinda) stressing balancing academics and dancing/ making a choreography + teaching the steps to your partner, but I find it fun as well. I think the technique is to just love and accept everything you’re doing/ask to do, and you won’t have to struggle (because you’ll enjoy it).

So, our first rehearsal is done, we haven’t finished it yet and we still have to have it polish tho we only have very little time, and we also have our school works in piles, I am still positive that everything will work out very well. And just like what the song says,

There can be miracles when you believe.


Our practice earlier was indeed tiring, but I enjoyed because of the new experience I got. I can also feel bruises forming on my knees but I don’t mind as long as it’s from something I’m happy doing.

Now… time for school works! 😅


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