“This is just a straw, this isn’t harmful. This can’t kill.” It could be that some people think that way. But this poster gives people the awareness and/or reminder that straws can harm aquatic animals.

Most of us human beings use straw on a daily basis. It seems to be inevitable to not use one especially when we drink carbonated drinks. However, we should keep in mind how our acts could affect everything in our world. The straws we did not properly dispose fills-in the lakes, seas, oceans, and other bodies of water which is already a home to our aquatic animals. There are a lot of documentary clips in the internet that shows and/or prove how perilous straws are to the sea creatures.

We can actually skip using straw – we don’t necessarily need it. We, humans are made by God, as well as the animals. If our lives matter, so do theirs. Imagine if you are the one who’s suffering from such thing like having trashes in your environment which is very uncomfortable and dangerous to your life, would you like it? Can you tolerate it? No, right? So does our aquatic animals. If we want to, and if we have the right to live normally – without any risk in our surroundings, so do the animals.

If all of us will skip using straw, it can make a difference. It can help lessen the volume of trashes in the bodies of water. It can save lives.

#Seeit #Feelit #Actonit



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