It’s Love

Love will truly make you do/use and/or wear things you’re not fond of… without minding it. Just like when you’re offered an off-shoulders top which you’ve never imagined yourself wearing but you accepted anyway. Saying that you might be able to use it when there’s a special event because you’re afraid you’ll (somehow) hurt that person’s feeling when you decline it.

You know it’s love when you’re thousand miles apart and don’t regularly catch up with each other but your heart flutters and you’re happy the moment you see that (special) person in front of you – standing on the same ground as you; breathing the same oxygen as you.

You know it’s love when you just parted and you’re already chatting and/or video calling one another – which you don’t really like (doing) but you enjoy having it with (that special) someone.

You know you love someone when you felt giddy just by thinking about those few things you did together and you just can’t help but type it all down here.


P.S. Yup, these are all my realizations for this day. But this “love” I’m talking about is about love in general. I’m not talking about someone who’s a potential boyfriend (nor any other guy). 🙂