It’s Love

Love will truly make you do/use and/or wear things you’re not fond of… without minding it. Just like when you’re offered an off-shoulders top which you’ve never imagined yourself wearing but you accepted anyway. Saying that you might be able to use it when there’s a special event because you’re afraid you’ll (somehow) hurt that person’s feeling when you decline it.

You know it’s love when you’re thousand miles apart and don’t regularly catch up with each other but your heart flutters and you’re happy the moment you see that (special) person in front of you – standing on the same ground as you; breathing the same oxygen as you.

You know it’s love when you just parted and you’re already chatting and/or video calling one another – which you don’t really like (doing) but you enjoy having it with (that special) someone.

You know you love someone when you felt giddy just by thinking about those few things you did together and you just can’t help but type it all down here.


P.S. Yup, these are all my realizations for this day. But this “love” I’m talking about is about love in general. I’m not talking about someone who’s a potential boyfriend (nor any other guy). 🙂


Martial Law

Maute terror group invaded Marawi and has been causing chaos, leading Pres. Rodrigo Duterte to declare Martial Law at Mindanao.

Martial Law during Marco’s regime and Durterte’s is viewed differently. Before the incident at Lanoa del Sur happened – from Marco’s regime and even until Duterte became the president, what we could get from the news were negative things and negative feedbacks regarding Martial Law, but this time, it all seems to be positive. Media now seems to tackle martial law more of as “beneficial”, rather than something that would “violate people’s rights.” Media also used to televised clips of people rallying against Martial Law, but this time, the rallying of the students (particularly UP students) and other people almost seems like it’s not happening.

With the sudden changes of how media handles Martial Law issues, I concluded that what the media is trying to “set” and influence to the public is that Martial Law at Mindanao is an absolute need. They now doesn’t focus and doesn’t air videos of people rallying against martial law as much as they used. They now report Martial Law as something that will save our fellow countrymen because they want the mass audience to support Pres. Duterte’s Martial Law at Mindanoa (which also have the tendency to be implemented in our whole country).

Skip The Straw



“This is just a straw, this isn’t harmful. This can’t kill.” It could be that some people think that way. But this poster gives people the awareness and/or reminder that straws can harm aquatic animals.

Most of us human beings use straw on a daily basis. It seems to be inevitable to not use one especially when we drink carbonated drinks. However, we should keep in mind how our acts could affect everything in our world. The straws we did not properly dispose fills-in the lakes, seas, oceans, and other bodies of water which is already a home to our aquatic animals. There are a lot of documentary clips in the internet that shows and/or prove how perilous straws are to the sea creatures.

We can actually skip using straw – we don’t necessarily need it. We, humans are made by God, as well as the animals. If our lives matter, so do theirs. Imagine if you are the one who’s suffering from such thing like having trashes in your environment which is very uncomfortable and dangerous to your life, would you like it? Can you tolerate it? No, right? So does our aquatic animals. If we want to, and if we have the right to live normally – without any risk in our surroundings, so do the animals.

If all of us will skip using straw, it can make a difference. It can help lessen the volume of trashes in the bodies of water. It can save lives.

#Seeit #Feelit #Actonit


Doxology: My First Thoughts & First Rehearsal

My classmate (and a friend), Diego, and I were tapped by our department head to do the doxology for the recognition day. That doxology will be our first ever doxology experience. Although I’m at first reluctant, I accepted it (as well as my partner), because we were both shy on resisting Ms. D’s insists. I later on realized that it’s a pleasure to be tapped for the doxology on such an event – recognition day, it shows that our department head believes in us – in our talent; in our capability.

I mentioned that I was first reluctant… yes, but then I wholly accepted doing doxology now. I realized that it’s time for me to try another genre of dance and grow more as a dancer. I’ve never tried dancing lyrical, contemporary, or interpretive, and I’m actually not a fan of those but I have no choice but to watch those kinds of dance genres on youtube to get an inspiration for the choreography I had to make for When You Believe. As a person who likes to dance, and as a person who got to appreciate dancing more as I grow older, I also start to appreciate and like the genres I mentioned.

This past few days, the more I listened to the song (to make a choreography), the more I got anxious and stress. In line, with making a chroreo, I also have deadlines (from my acads) I have to run after – I don’t know which one to do first because both are important. I also got mild flu the other day and until now I have colds and mild headaches. I can also feel my sprain (ankle) getting triggered. I feel like life is challenging me with all those circumstances… and so I got more competitive and try to stand firmer!

Thanks to be to God, I was able to meet my deadlines, and earlier this day, Diego and I were able to conduct our first rehearsal. The recognition day will be on the next Thursday and we only have Friday, and (next) Wednesday for another rehearsal. We don’t have enough time due to schedules/academics. It’s really challenging and (kinda) stressing balancing academics and dancing/ making a choreography + teaching the steps to your partner, but I find it fun as well. I think the technique is to just love and accept everything you’re doing/ask to do, and you won’t have to struggle (because you’ll enjoy it).

So, our first rehearsal is done, we haven’t finished it yet and we still have to have it polish tho we only have very little time, and we also have our school works in piles, I am still positive that everything will work out very well. And just like what the song says,

There can be miracles when you believe.


Our practice earlier was indeed tiring, but I enjoyed because of the new experience I got. I can also feel bruises forming on my knees but I don’t mind as long as it’s from something I’m happy doing.

Now… time for school works! 😅

College Intramurals 2017

My very first time to be part of the college intramurals is when Pasig Catholic College celebrated COLLEGE INTRAMURALS 2017. It was held last March 29 to April 8, 2017 with the theme “Strength in Diversity, Unity in Differences.” That was as well my very first time experiencing the kind of intramurals at PCC; and I had fun and awesome experiences throughout the event.

During the opening of the intramurals at PCC’s main building, the ground was filled with us, PCCians wearing our respective council shirts for the distinction of our programs. Each and every program had their own balloons, and others even had their banners. The amount of us, AB Communication and Journalism students are nothing compared to the number of students from the other courses, but we were the loudest during the parade. We all cheered and chanted our program’s name on the top of our lungs, and it amazes me how we are so full of pride being ABCJ students. Throughout the parade, we continued on clapping, waving our balloons in the air, jumping, and chanting “AB.”

Even during the ‘yell’ segment which came after the lightning of the torch and oath of sportsmanship, we showed how competitive we are. Each of our programs took turns on the Crown Jewel to showcase the best and creative yells we’ve got. I’ve seen other courses that comes before us almost filling up every spaces on the stage, in contrast to us, AB. Majority of us are girls – our boys were like just five (5) or less that time, but we did not use those circumstances as our excuse to have a weak yell. I don’t know what or how we did with our yell, and I don’t care anymore because what matters more is that we did our best.

Another fun experience I had during intrams was the portion of Palarong Pinoy. I took part in 3 out of 4 games because we had no other players – we had no choice but to be the same people who will participate in all of the games; and hey, we won in sack race! But the most enjoyable one for me is the Tug of War. I’ve watched the boys of other programs play, and it was so intense! They’re like monsters ready to devour their prey. The game (Tug of War) consisted of two (2) rounds for each game: boys vs boys and girls vs girls, and since ABCJ lacks in boys, they made it a mix of boys and girls for us. They did the same thing to our opponent – BSP for the fairness of the game. The result is… well, we lose both in mix of boys and girls battle, and also the girls vs girls battle, but I’m still happy with the experience, and still is so proud of ourselves. We might lost but atleast we did not fear our opponents; we gave our full force in every game and it makes me prideful of how spirited we are.

I’ve never experienced dancing with just 30 or 20 minutes of practicing until the talent portion of the candidates for Mr. & Ms. Intramurals 2017. I was in the Cor Iesu Auditorium of PCC’s Centennial building together with my classmates to support our representatives. I was so thrilled to see what the candidates’ will showcase because they seemed to put so much effort. Their astonishing props I saw glimpsed of already excite me, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to watch any of the performances. Our Mr. Intrams representative asked me to back him up on his talent – dancing, and I agreed. He’s the representative of ABCJ, therefore I must help him. But I didn’t help solely because I ‘need’ to, but because I ‘want’ to (help him). So I may not able to watch the talent portion, but I’m glad I was able to be a help to someone. I later on realized that it was a pleasure that they trusted me to back him up.

Every intramurals, they say that the most awaited segment is the dance battle. Well, how can it not be when it (dance battle) composes of more than 15 students per program? J Anyway, I can say that, that was the one I awaited the most too since I’m one of the dancer representatives of ABCJ. It’s been like two years since I last joined a dance battle (interbranch competition) and I was just a high school that time, so I looked forward to this new one – my first dance competition as a college studentl. I just sometimes can’t help but think that “I will now be dancing with new set of dancers,” especially when we all held hands and pray before going down to the grounds of PCC (from our room).

The moment we finished our performance, we all got hype and joyful because finally, after weeks of balancing practice and academics, and struggles in making our costumes and props, we were able to showcase what ABCJ got. We were also happy that we were able to perform our routine properly. ABCJ had years of hiatus but this year, we came back with a bang! We didn’t win but we accepted it. Atleast we can definitely say that our “comeback is real.” We were still proud of ourselves. We performed giving our 100% best and it’s not something to sulk about if we don’t get any place. I am also genuinely happy for those who won – BSIT (2nd runner-up), BSP (1st runner-up), and BSBA (champion).

We may not win the dance battle, nor even get to be the overall champions, atleast we still have our ball-game players who received the medals they deserve for their outstanding performance. We also have Ms. Pollyne Joyz Reyes who got to be the 1st Runner-Up Ms. Intramurals 2017. She also took home the awards Ms. Compassionate and Ms. Congeniality.

We all unleashed the greatness we have. For each and every segment of the intramurals, may it be basketball, volleyball, badminton, palarong pinoy, dance competition, pageant and such, I know that each and every representative of ABCJ did all their best for it. We did not let our opponents win that easy. We fight with all our might, and that’s what matters to me the most. No matter what happened, I still take pride of being an ABCJ student.


What is communication for me as a student; as subject; and as a profession?

As a student majoring in AB Communication, I do have things I anticipate to learn. I expect to be thought of the proper way of speaking and the best way of communicating; to be thought on how to get the best angle of my subject when it comes to taking photos and videos; and to be thought on how to produce a creative film and/or advertisement. I also await to learn more about the picture and video editing, as well as doing layouts.

As I expect to learn those stated above, I hope that I could actually remember all of those to help myself excel.

I am the type of person who most of the time have a low self-esteem, but I know that through my chosen field, AB Comm, I will be able to have more confidence, most especially when it comes to speaking in any situation/circumstances. In this chosen path of mine, creativity is one of the keys to survive and cope up, and so I hope that as I grow older, my adroitness and innovativeness would grow as well.

I knew my communication subject wouldn’t only help me sharpen my artistry, since it also taught me ways to somehow improve my lifestyle with the means of intrapersonal communication; and understanding how someone behave, because ‘there is always a reason behind every action’. Those are one of the things that help me focus more on the brighter side, and on my work. Someday, when I get a job, I know it will help me be more productive and put on an excellent performance.

Talking about the job, I can see myself that five years from now, I would be working in a company – whether it be business company, or such as those in the likes of PULP magazine and/or Candy Mag. I would be the one doing and providing the beautiful layout of the magazine which contains an article (or two) that was written by yours truly, and with the wonderfully taken pictures by me as well. I could also be the one doing the interviews. 10 years from now, I wish to be someone who helps in creating music and music videos not just here in Philippines, but also in other country, especially South Korea.

To be honest, I am still not so sure of what I wanted as my profession, nevertheless, I know that one day, I will be able to find myself; and the learning I’ll gain in my four-years of being an AB Comm student will be so much into use.

As a profession, what I am after is the enjoyment of the things I am doing, because I think that being more after the salary than choosing and doing the job where my enjoyment lies will give me troubles. So when I get a job, I want it to be something I would really get pleasure from doing.

Pieces of my Life

In this world where I exist for more than 18 years, I’ve encountered and experienced a lot of hardships, pains, problems, stress, depression, never ending struggles and so on and so forth. I’m not the type to stare at my reflection through the mirror and at the same time talk to myself and reflect on the things I’ve done. But that was until, I tried intrapersonal communication, where I probably first ever experienced a major self-reflecting and giving of words of encouragement to myself. I never knew that it would feel that nice. I first did it at my ‘Communication Theory’ subject as our professor asked us to close our eyes, relaxed ourselves, and visualize and reflect on what she was saying.

Now, allow me to share (pieces) of my life story, so I could further express how I felt after my intrapersonal communication experience; and how intrapersonal communication is significant in our life.

When my I closed my eyes, and envision my seven-year-old self talking to the current me, I knew that she would ask me such things as: Why did you break your parents’ rules? Why did you always have to lie? You were making them looked like a fool. Why did you go overboard? Why do you low-key disrespect them? What happened to you?

I know that my seven-year-old self would be sad of what I had become. I used to always obey and be honest to my family until I got a little older. The respect is still there, but I tend to learn to lie to them and broke their rules.

Moving on, with my 10-year-old self, I know that she would tell me these, with a hint of disappointment in her voice, “Why did you become a lot lazier. You used to prioritize important things such as school works before you slack, right? But why do you waste your time for the unimportant things and tend to sleep over the important ones? Now you are stressing yourself by over thinking of what might be the product of your laziness! You are making yourself even unhealthier.”

Now, when it comes to my 13-year-old self, I could imagine her low-key nagging me for all my failures and mistakes. Saying that I know what the consequences of my wrong doings but I still did it anyway. She would also be unhappy with my ‘Enjoy now, suffer and regret later’ attitude. In spite of those, I know that in the end, (even) if all of the younger MEs look at the mirror, I know that all of them would give me a warm and encouraging smile to my current self. I know that despite of all the unhappiness and disappointments, they will still congratulate me for being strong.

Now with my 18-year-old self talking – the current me, I could imagine her through the mirror – my reflection saying that… “I am proud of you. You may have done a lot of mistakes and failures, you may have cage yourself regrets, you may have thought of giving up for eons, but girl look at you! You are still alive and kicking. You survived from what you thought the biggest storm in your life, so believe me, you can still overcome the following typhoons that might come for you no matter how disastrous it’ll look like. Remember, EVERYTHING HAPPEN IS FOR A REASON. You may have done a lot of mistakes, but what’s important now is that you’ve learned from it, and those could definitely help you if you will make those as the blueprint of your life. Those failures helped you mature, so congratulations! You know what, even if you make another bunch of failures and mistakes, please be guided that you’ll always have a room for improvement and changes (for the better). One more thing, never regret, because those mistakes of yours will be your own stepping stones towards your bright future.”

After talking to myself as I strolled on my past, I can say that with my current life now… I am happy. Happy but not fully satisfied. I am not yet satisfied because I know I am not good enough – I am still not good enough for various things and I know that I still have a lot of areas (in me) that lacks and needs improvement. Nonetheless, I’m happy to realize that I was able to overcome all the hardships and that I’ve come this far. Come to think of it, I’ve been wandering for 18 years and I know wouldn’t stop my journey here – I’ll continue sailing. I know that there are still a lot of things God will offer me, and someday, I’ll my find my true self.

Another thing I am delighted and flattered about is to realized that there are still people, like my family, who still love me despite knowing all my flaws, and accept me for who I am and for what I am.

One last thing before I move on to my next paragraph, I just want to divulge that I’m thankful to God, because through Him, I could say I’m proud of myself because: in this life full of struggles, I am still standing and fighting to win all my battles.

Now, with my story and experiences being shared, it can be concluded that intrapersonal communication is significant to our life. I know all of us have been locked in our own elevator: ups and downs, and ride on our own roller coasters that makes our life go round and round and even upside-down. We tend to be clouded with the negative things that are going on with our life: piles of problems and things to do, regrets, what ifs and what nots, which could result to overthinking, stress, depression, and even to distrusting our own selves.

There are people who, like me, doesn’t really open up (nor share) to anyone, so definitely, when no one doesn’t know what you are going through, then no one would be able to help nor save you from drowning. But, I also think that even if we have someone to share our burdens with, and even if they can give us pieces of advice and comfort, taking our time to talk to ourselves is still better. We know ourselves more than anyone, and we know what we really wanted to hear. It is only us (our own self) who knows HOW WE EXACTLY FEEL. I don’t think anyone could say “I know how you feel” nor “I feel you”, because I believe no one knows for a sure how certain something really affects us and our life. No one would know because we have different tolerance and different ways of facing our own problems, stress, depression, and so on and so forth. So in my own opinion, intrapersonal communication is the key to have a better day (and night). Why? It is because when we talk to ourselves and take time to reflect on the things we’ve done, the best advices we would be able to hear would only come from ourselves; and the best answers we want to find could only be found in ourselves.

Believe me, talking to yourself feels nice and satisfying especially when you needed to clear your mind. It will help you be more concentrated, focus and positive. Whenever you feel down, take a break from what from what you are doing. Pull your mind off from the negative thoughts, then start talking to yourself and reflect. Sooner than later, you’ll feel lighter and relaxed. Talking to yourself is not bad you know! Plus, aside from it is totally free, intrapersonal communication can be done anywhere and anytime! 🙂

Communications Theory: GENERAL PROPOSITION


This may be the most important proposition of all. The idea is that one does not ‘send’ a message but rather a gives a set of signs which have to be decoded by the person being communicated with; these signs can make sense to the person only in terms of  the way in which she interprets, or decodes, the signs. A ‘successful’ communication then is one in which the communicator has encoded the message in such a way that the communicatee will decode it in the context, and in the meaning-terms which are compatible with the sender’s intentions. Communication thus requires that the communicator understand the comunicatee’s conceptual frames, her understandings of shared contexts, the meaning of the signs in the message to her.

A scene from Wicker Park that matches this general proposition is Matthew and Lisa’s scene at Luke’s shoe store. When Lisa entered the store, Matthew thought that that was now his chance to talk to her, and so he grabbed it. Unfortunately, he felt upset when (he thought) he blew it off.

Here’s their conversation after Luke implied that there’s no shoe size available for Lisa (atleast for the pair of shoes she was eyeing):

Matt: Not… you know… not necessarily. We can order these for you. Special order.
And, uh… I can, uh, if you leave your number, I can give you a call personally when they come in.
Lisa: Do you normally spy on people?
Matt: What?
Lisa: Are you really gonna tell me that you’re a huge fan of modern dance?
Matt: Look, I’ve never done anything like that before.
Honestly… could you let me take you out for a cup of coffee and explain?
Lisa: I don’t think so.
Matt: I’ll stay on my side of the table. I promise.
Lisa: Just call me when the shoes come in, okay?
Matt: Listen, I’m not what you think I am, okay?

With that, Lisa left the store and Matthew felt dejected that he just lost his chance to her, but that was until he read the note she left for him. On the shoe box, there says

Tomorrow night.
6p.m. Café Tangiers on Kinzie. . .
Now you won’t have to follow me!

Lisa left that note without any explanation, but fortunately, Matthew was able to decode its context. She did not actually ‘send’ the message, but the way he interpreted it was compatible with her intention. By then, Matthew knew that it was the sign that Lisa was giving him the chance to get to know her.

Last February 24, 2017 (Friday), my group and I went to a certain orphanage to appeal for a ‘Needs Assessment Survey’ as a requirement in our NSTP subject. I did not expect that the conversation with the Program Manager of the orphanage (that consists of the orphaned, abandoned, neglected, foundling, and surrendered children) would leave me such an impact.

The talk I had with her (the Program Manager), opened my eyes to the fact that there are children suffering from psychological illness due to the abuses their parents did to them. She did not allow us to interview the kids because she was afraid that our several actions and/or questions would trigger some of the memories from their painful experiences on the hands of their own parents. When their memories triggered, the children will throw tantrums, hurt their siblings or anyone at the orphanage, which they cannot control and they will have to rush them to a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

I am upset at the thought of: how could their parents leave them. It really hurts to think that there really are people who could attain to leave their baby, their toddler, their child!  And it hurts me more to know that they even battered theim to the point they are traumatized and has to undergo a continuous psychological therapy. It is hard to imagine that they can take beating-up humans with such a small body frame! The children cannot even defend nor protect theirselves!  They (parents) did not just abuse their kids physically… but also emotionally. Their harsh treatments etched on their children’s minds, just like how their scars carved on their bodies – and each scar contains the different stories of their dark pasts that leave open wounds in their hearts.

I admit I really pitied them (that they have to experience those), and I was horrified by their parents’ actions. I was just truthfully glad that there are people who are reaching out and helping others even though they are not even blood related. While talking with the program manager, I saw with my own pair of eyes, and felt it in my heart how she care and love all the children in the orphanage while she was telling and explaining me their circumstances. And with my own pair of ears, I heard how she sweetly called them ‘anak’. It made me happy how the people in the orphanage want to help the children in mending their wounded heart. I know that one day, with the help of the people who love them unconditionally, all the bitter memories those children have will be covered by the sweet memories.

I wish that someday, no matter what happened, no matter what life brings to them, they will continue on living their life with full of love, positivity, and happiness. 🙂

If it is good, remember it. If it is bad, learn from it.

We build a lot of experiences and memories. From now on, let’s build a lot more memories and experiences.

[…] We’ll do good.

[…] I don’t know how we were in 2016, but we will do good in 2017. Let’s do good […]”

– B.I (iKON)

B.I once again made me realized things: no matter how I did last year, what matters now is that I can (once again) do good this year; that drowning from the bad things that happened won’t do any good to me, so I just rather learn from it and continue on making a lot more experiences and memories that will definitely help me in my future.